Niki’s Balm Gift Bags Are Back!

Niki's Organic Balms 10ml set

Our lovely Gift Bags of 4 10ml balms have been absent from our website for a while because we’ve been  having some fabulous little bespoke gift bags made for us! They are made of organic cotton and stamped with the Niki’s Organic Balm logo, so I think that they look pretty cool and are jolly handy at keeping your balms together plus anything else you need to keep safe. Click to buy them here

These are perfect for taking on holiday as they are lightweight and tiny, and of course, a little goes a long way soNiki's Balms on holidays! should still be plenty for a two week trip to the sun.  This is my suitcase ready to go, but I am also taking a Niki’s Original Candle as they are fantastic at keeping mosquitoes away as well as smelling absolutely gorgeous.


Niki's Balms off on adventuresOne of my customers has just bought some to send off with her daughter to Thailand, perfect size for backpacking plus she’s added in a 50ml Lavender & Chamomile in case of major sunburn. Don’t forget that

Niki’s Organic Balms don’t contain any SPF so remember to keep safe in the sun.

If you are unfamiliar with just how useful a 4 10ml gift pack of Niki’s Organic Balms can be, I’ll just run through them for you

Organic Original (585x640)Niki’s Organic Original Balm – fantastic for mosquito and other insect bites, takes away the itch and the swelling. Also good for cuts and grazes, blisters, cracked heels, cold sores (just what you need on holiday) and I always rub some on my hands after visiting the loo!

Lavender and Chamomile new (600x640)Niki’s Organic Lavender & Chamomile Balm – brilliant for sunburn (don’t go out in the sun with it on as it doesn’t contain SPF),  nettle rash, heat rash, also good for bites and stings, good for headaches and will help you sleep. Also good for calming anxiety on the plane

Rose new (592x640)Niki’s Organic Rose Balm – if you use this as a moisturiser, the 10ml is a perfect size to take away on holiday. I love to use this as a lip balm too, either on its own or over lipstick. It’s also great for hayfever sufferers, smear a bit around the inside of your nose and the balm acts as a natural pollen trap while rose essential oil reduces hayfever sensitivity.

Warming BalmNiki’s Organic Warming Balm – if you’re planning a more active holiday or even a bit of sightseeing this is great for when you’ve overdone it and you’re muscles are tight or ankles are sore.


So there you go, you’ll never leave home without the full set ever again!


Happy holidaying!

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4 Responses to Niki’s Balm Gift Bags Are Back!

  1. Heather McGlynn says:

    Love these little bags. They are just right for keeping the balms handy and it also makes them easy to find in your handbag. I love them.

  2. What a good idea – as balms are far smaller than bottles to pack plus there’s less chance of a spillage (all over your lovely holiday clothes!). I’m wondering also if they’d get through the delightful new rules of what you are allowed to take on an aeroplane? I’m guessing yes as it isn’t a liquid and is below the size limit anyway?

    • Niki says:

      Thanks Vanessa, yes, as they are below the size limit, we’re ok, but most customs officers treat them as if they were liquid, a bit like lipstick, so if you have them in your hand luggage, they do need to be in your see through bag. I love them because they are so multipurpose, I always have at least one in my bag (although I often end up giving them away!)

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