Niki’s Balms Day Out to Mottisfont Rose Gardens

Mottisfont Abbey House

Just for a change, I thought I would talk about a recent day out to Mottisfont Abbey Rose Gardens in Romsey.  As you probably know, roses are one of my most favourite flowers (white roses especially) so I love this time of year when they are flowering in full force.  I decided to take my Mum out as she has recently had both knees replaced.  You may have met her in a previous blog post, Mum’s Sore Knees, so now that she is recovering, I thought she would enjoy a bit of gentle walking and the roses in all their glory.


Rose Bridge

Armed with some Organic Rose Balm (of course) to smear around my nose to protect me from hayfever, we strolled from the car park towards the house, and the first thing we came across was this gorgeous bridge over the River Test covered in beautiful white roses. This was conveniently located near the cafe so we had a bit of lunch before walking up to the walled garden which was filled with beautiful roses.



Pink RosesIt contains the Graham Stuart Thomas collection of old fashioned roses and the smell was incredible.  I used to have a Graham Thomas variety in my garden, so it was lovely to see his whole collection. The roses were planted with a huge of variety of other plants such as geraniums  and foxgloves, one bed even had roses underplanted with strawberries.Roses and tree

At the end of a series of 3 walled gardens was a formal circular garden planted with majestic and striking alliums and lots of of lavender, which was just starting to blossom made a heady mix along with the scent of the roses.


I would heartily recommend it as a day out, so much we didn’t get to see but we did love the roses (and the cake).



Roses and AliumsFormal Rose Garden

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